“We at Renewal By Anderson Windows in Arizona have placed 3 orders so far with Ray at Diversified Business Consulting, and it has always been painless and fast! The leads are above average quality and has made us well over $100,000 in the 3 orders placed thus far. It is rare to find a company that is as fast, and easy to work with that doesn’t try to sneak in duplicate leads and I have found that Ray has that. Thanks again Ray.

Rick G.


“The best lead company, they work with you to find out the best criteria for your campaign. The best communication I have had with any lead company. Thanks for everything Ray.”

Timothy F.


“Diversified Business Consulting LLC is a great lead generation company…Ray is always available anytime we need data from him. Their data is always fresh and we get it in a timely manor. I would definately recommend them to any business needing leads for their sales team.”

Susan A.


Time for Fresh Viable Data, Contact Ratio is Key

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Direct Mailing Lists are guaranteed. The fact is our data sources for our direct mail lists are so good- on many of our lists we have a guaranteed deliverability rate.

We know that providing our clients the most accurate and up to date direct mail lists available will result the highest response rates possible.

SEO B2B Info for Newbies Info. It’s very important to know exactly how your b2b SEO is working. Monthly reporting is essential so you can see keyword phrase performance, landing page and content engagement, click-throughs, visibility scores for each keyword phrase in each search engine, and more. Only by monitoring these results over time can you measure macro and micro performance and continue to refine your SEO and SEM efforts.