What’s the story of Ray Cotter and Diversified Business Consulting?

After working for another Lead Company calling Cold I realized I could do it on my own. Having Well over 20 Years Experience being on the Phone Calling Cold B2B and Residential for many years as well as Managing Call Centers, Script Writing, Sales Training, Dialer Lead Management, All Around Experience, Constant Updates, Prompt Service, Direct Competitive Wholesale Pricing, Able to run Suppressions to assure Unique Records, Data Hygiene Services (Update Databases) for Better Contact Ratio Up to 25% Typically. Multiple Awards for Top Salesman, Starting and Building New Departments, Team Records broken, Company Production Records broke.

. I have been in the business for 10. You can contact me by cell: 623-910-5546 or Email me.

I get asked this a lot…. Many companies today want warm leads because those leads have already done something (a call or signup) that shows they are WANTING help of some kind. How much more work is it to entice cold prospects and leads to take action on an offer? 

These we would call Opt-In and Call Center Generated. There are Multiple Verticals where these types of leads are available like Auto Warranty, Auto, Life and Health Insurance, Mortgage Refinance, Home Based Business Opportunity Seekers, Biz Opp Buyer Data or Network Marketing Leads, Solar, and more.